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MacOS --> Windows 11: Typing on emoji windows not working

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When I open the window to insert an emoji (shortcut: Win key + . ), I cannot type on the search box. Works if I type using the laptop keyboard.

I'm using MacOS 11.6.8 (Big Sur) as host and Windows 11 as client.


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This is pure Windows issue, as I have this problem on a Windows 11 client with Windows 10 LTSC Server.

I believe I had the same problem when using MouseWithoutBorders from Microsoft.

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Came here looking for a fix too, bummer that it's just a Windows thing I guess. New Synergy 3 still has the same issue, and I've got Win 11 host to Win 11 client where I can't type on the client in the picker. 

Synergy 3 does seem to resolve issues I had in the past with settings/UAC prompts that required elevated access that Synergy (no matter WHAT I did in settings) just couldn't access, so I was hoping it would fix this too, but this is like the last holdout. 


It's such a dumb thing to be annoyed by, but dang if it doesn't annoy the heck outta me every time. 😞

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