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Problem with DisplayLink?


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I have connected a MacMini as client which has multiple displays connected through a Plugable Hub.

The Configuration uses DisplayLink.


Whenever i move my Mouse from the Server to the Client the Mousecursor is kind of stuck in a lets say 0.1-0.2cm range on the Client Monitor. I am able to Move the cursor up and down in the range, but to be able to "move over" this 0.1cm range and be able to fully access the client Monitor i have to push the Mouse kind of hard. So the transition is anything but not smooth.


At the Moment i'm have configured Hotkeys in Synergy to switch between Server and Client to have a kind of workaround for the Problem. But its annoying to press a Hotkey each time if i switch between the Computers.


Is it a known Problem of DisplayLink or could it be something else?

Unfortunately i'm not able to test a Setup at the Moment with a Computer that doesnt have DisplayLink running






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