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Crashed of the version 1.7.4 in Fedora 23, x86_64 system.


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Aug 12 14:45:28 localhost.localdomain audit[28357]: <audit-1701> auid=1000 uid=1000 gid=1000 ses=1 pid=28357 comm="synergyc" exe="/usr/bin/synergyc" sig=11 Aug 12 14:45:28 localhost.localdomain kernel: synergyc[28357]: segfault at 7f19e80009a0 ip 00007f19e80009a0 sp 00007fffac41bcc8 error 15 Aug 12 14:45:29 localhost.localdomain abrt-hook-ccpp[11677]: Failed to create core_backtrace: dwfl_getthread_frames failed: No DWARF information found Aug 12 14:45:29 localhost.localdomain audit[11677]: <audit-1701> auid=4294967295 uid=0 gid=0 ses=4294967295 pid=11677 comm="abrt-hook-ccpp" exe="/usr/libexec/abrt-hook-ccpp" sig=11 Aug 12 14:45:29 localhost.localdomain kernel: abrt-hook-ccpp[11677]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f2e662690ba sp 00007fffc0705298 error 4 in libc-2.21.so[7f2e661de000+1b7000] Aug 12 14:45:29 localhost.localdomain kernel: Process 11677(abrt-hook-ccpp) has RLIMIT_CORE set to 1 Aug 12 14:45:29 localhost.localdomain kernel: Aborting core When I use synergy among windows 7(server), and fedora 23 (client), sometimes synergyc crashed with above log.
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