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Machines connected to different access points will not work together--suggestions?


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I know this isn't a Synergy problem per se, but I have an issue and I'm hoping someone can nudge me in the right direction.  I have a Mac Mini connected to my main router wirelessly.  That is the Synergy client.  I have a Windows laptop that is my Synergy server.  I have an access point connected to the router via ethernet at the far end of the house.  My desk is directly between the access point at the far end of the house and the main router at the other end of the house.  My Mac is closer to the router and always connects to the router.  The laptop sometimes connected to the router and sometimes connected to the AP. I finally realized this was why Synergy would "randomly" stop working for me.  As long as they are both connected to the router it works fine. 

I want to leave the SSID the same on the router and AP so it all functions as one wireless network in my house.  What I've done as a workaround for now is blocked my laptop from connecting to the AP by blocking its MAC addresss on the AP.  That's fine as long as my laptop stays at my desk.  I'd like the freedom to use my laptop at the other end of the house without having to change the AP configuration.

Does anyone have any suggestions of things to look at either in Synergy settings or on the router or AP?  Thanks in advance!

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Its not an AP issue!  I've run computers on 3 different AP's without issues.

What you do need to make sure is that each network point your windows laptop is connected to, is set to a "Private Network" firewall scheme. This allows local devices to properly see & interact with it on the network.  This is the biggest issue I've encountered with windows. Just recently windows 11 fixed a bug an my wifes setup stop working as the Server (a windows 11 pro) switched the firewall type for our home network to "Public" which makes the computer fully locked down. Windows occasionally resets these causing issues. Its now the first thing I check when the client cannot connect.

Windows 10 - how to check firewall:

  1. Right click on the Wifi/network icon in the dock by the clock
  2. select "Open network & internet settings"
  3. Review the firewall profile at the top under the network name. (see picture) (highlight in yellow)


Windows 11 - how to check firewall:

  1. press Windows button
  2. click on "settings" gear
  3. click on "Network & internet"
  4. Review the status of each connection type and make sure your hardwired and/or wireless connections are set to "Private" (See picture) (highlighted in yellow)

Its very important to change these settings for your specific networks so when you connect to a publilc wifi point it uses "Public" and not "Private".


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Here is a random thought.....

There is also a setting in your AP and Router on how often WiFi network keys are refreshed. For home use I set my keys to refresh every 24hours. I believe this could cause an interruption as it forces the encryption to change and if you are using TLS settings in synergy, then it might be forced to redo the connect each time the Wifi encryption key changes.  

Just food for thought and I'm not sure if its even valid.

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Thanks for the replies.  My network is set to PRIVATE and I'd already turned the firewall off to make sure that wasn't the issue either.  Good info on the keys, but I definitely tested and could see that when the Synergy connectivity dropped it was when my Windows laptop switched from connecting to the router to connecting to the AP (while the Mac Mini stayed on the router).   So it definitely had something to do with that.  I'm not saying it is BECAUSE it is on a different AP, but it definitely seems related to it and likely because of some setting.  I'm not sure.

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