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OSX Hotkey Issues


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Latest version of synergy.

Server: Windows 10 Pro x64 10.0.19041.572

Client: MacBook Pro Late 2011 with OSX 10.14.6


The issue is that trying to send a multi-key hotkey using the Command key (via Windows key from windows server) basically doesn't register the the fact that command is held down.

So from the OSX client, I can hold the macbook's Command key + left click on a hyperlink to open in a new tab.

But from the Windows server, if I hold the Windows key (to send the command-key input) + left click on a hyperlink, then it opens in the current page and acts as if the command key wasn't held and instead only a left click was done.


That was pretty verbose, but I think you get the idea.

Anything I can do to fix this?

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Afriza N. Arief

I think I am having same issue. For my case, both computer are macOS and the key is option key.

option+click should do different action. In fact, when option is pressed, the icon should change.

VSCode GitLens option+click

Ref: https://github.com/gitkraken/vscode-gitlens/issues/2385#issuecomment-1347962906

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more info
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Afriza N. Arief

I got information from Synergy's support team.. Regarding my option-keypress issue on macOS with Visual Studio Code (VS Code), I tested with KeyCastr on remote machine and it detects the keypress..

So.. maybe it is vs-code issue for my case..

More info on VS Code Issue

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