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Configuring global hotkeys across server and client (and bug report for version number skew)


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First, thank you for such an awesome product, much better than a KVM switch!

I'm trying to configure HotKeys, to globally control, regardless of the screen that has focus, but I'm struggling to make it work across devices.

Two quick use cases:

  • I only wear one pair of headphones, and I'd like to be able to control the volume regardless of which screen has focus. (always send key events to one [client])
  • When I leave my computers, I want to quickly lock them both with a single shared command. (trigger key combination, one for server, different one of client)

These hotkeys don't appear to forward any keystrokes to the client, when configured on the server and the server has focus. I've included a screen shot below. Thank you!


Environment Details:

  • server: 
    • Synergy 1 Pro - 1.14.3-stable-218fa800
    • Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
  • Client:
    • Synergy 1 Pro - 1.14.3-stable-218fa800
    • Mac OS Monterey
  • Connected over direct crossover Ethernet


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