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Using Mac as server and polish (accent) characters on windows

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is there aa simple way to use option as AltGr on Windows (as client).

Does Synergy recognize the right and left option key from Mac to map on right and left alt in Windows?

It is a little annoying that there is not prepared keyboard mapping between different operating systems. 

I am from Poland and in basic configuration I can't write Polish characters and I don't know how to get it.

Perhaps someone has prepared a configuration file and can share it here.



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Hello again :)

I found a bypass for the problem. It is not ideal, but for me, it is enough.

I configure it on the server-side (MacOs) to translate keys for windows like that: 

  • Shift -> Shift
  • Ctrl -> Ctrl
  • Alt -> Super
  • Meta -> Alt
  • Alt -> Alt

It is better to use the "Alt" key on the Windows machine as "Ctrl" instead of "Windows" because then most app shortcuts are like Mac.  

Then I installed "PowerToys" app from the Microsoft website to remap some keys on Windows.

So, I mapped the keys like that:

  • Alt (Left) -> Ctrl (Left)
  • Ctrl (Left) -> Win (Left)
  • Ctrl (Right) -> Alt (Right)
  • Win (Left) -> Alt (Left)
  • Alt (Right) -> Ctrl (Right)

and shortcuts like that:

  • Win (Left) + Space -> Alt (Left) + Shift (Left) + C // I use it to run PowerToys Run
  • Ctr (Left) + Backspace -> Delete
  • For each accent letter I mapped shortcut Ctrl (Left) + Alt (Right) + <letter>.  For example, to write "ć" with combination option + c, I mapped Alt (Left) + c -> Ctrl (Left) + Alt (Left) + c.

There is a const of the method. PowerToys can't create shortcuts with more than two modifier keys, so it is impossible to do the same for caps. Even though it is less awkward for me.

There could also be problems with some shortcuts in programs. So, I advise you to pay attention to this aspect. 

Perhaps AutoHotkey is more powerful and will allow it, but I can't use it, so if someone achieved it with the app, I would appreciate sharing with me the script. 


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