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Mouse jumping back to Server Machine

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im running Synergy 1.14.3-stable on my Windows 10 as Server and
1.10.3-3 on my Arch Linux as a Client. Typing Characters like Backspace or Arrow Left, Right, Up, Down sometimes makes the Mouse jump back to Server (also focus).

This is the Message i get on the Client Machine:

2022-04-27T15:03:48] DEBUG1: mapped to 071, new state 2000

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] DEBUG1: keystrokes:

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] DEBUG1: 071 (00000000) up

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] DEBUG1: 071 (00000000) down

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] INFO: leaving screen

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] DEBUG1: keystrokes:

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] DEBUG1: 071 (00000000) up

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] DEBUG: Closing socket: 0F77FBA0

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] DEBUG: retry in 1 seconds

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] ERROR: invalid message from server:

[2022-04-27T15:03:48] WARNING: failed to connect to server: invalid message from server

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] NOTE: connecting to '':

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] DEBUG: Opening new socket: 0F7B00A0

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] DEBUG1: connecting to server

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] DEBUG1: connected; wait for hello

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] DEBUG1: got hello version 1.8

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] DEBUG1: say hello version 1.6

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] DEBUG1: sending info shape=0,0 1921x2160

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] DEBUG1: recv info acknowledgment

[2022-04-27T15:03:49] DEBUG1: recv reset options


This is the Log on Server at the same time:


[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: hook: 0x07270000 0x014d0001
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: event: Key char=0, vk=0x27, nagr=0, lParam=0x014d0001
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: new mask: 0x2000
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: new mask: 0x2000
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: onKeyRepeat id=61267 mask=0x2000 count=1 button=0x014d lang="de"
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: hook: 0x00000027 0x814d0001
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: hook: 0x60270000 0x814d0001
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: hook: 0x07270000 0x814d0001
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: event: Key char=0, vk=0x27, nagr=0, lParam=0x814d0001
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: new mask: 0x2000
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: new mask: 0x2000
[2022-04-27T15:14:38] DEBUG1: onKeyUp id=61267 mask=0x2000 button=0x014d
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG: Opening new socket: AB669C40
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] NOTE: accepted client connection
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: saying hello
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: parsing hello reply
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: querying client "neuromancer" info
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: created proxy for client "neuromancer" version 1.6
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG: received client "neuromancer" info shape=0,0 1921x2160 at 960,540
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: send info ack to "neuromancer"
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG: active sides: 14
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] NOTE: client "neuromancer" has connected
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: send reset options to "neuromancer"
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: send set options to "neuromancer" size=26
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: hook: 0x00000027 0x014d0001
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: hook: 0x60270000 0x014d0001
[2022-04-27T15:14:39] DEBUG1: hook: 0x07270000 0x014d0001


Any Ideas?


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I'm having the same issue. It happens every time I hold down the backspace button, but it also happens other times as well.

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