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I hacked together a solution to allow you to switch to another app on another computer from a mac with a hot key

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I like to use hotkeys to hop from one app to another on my mac. Example:: double-tap cmd and "s" to activate safari. I use a great little utility called karabiner-elements for this (highly recommend).

However, you can't switch to another app running on another mac using a hotkey using synergy. It looks like maybe it might be possible with the synergy's hotkey feature with Windows but it looked buggy on a mac (command key was showing up as control key) and I could not get it to work.

So instead, if you are familiar with karabiner, you can just add something like this to the appropriate location in the json config file:

                { "key_code": "f15" },
                { "shell_command": "ssh steve@m1 \"open -a 'Messages'\"" }

The f15 is a simple hotkey I set up in synergy to switch to my to the other computer (my laptop). The second line runs a command on the laptop over ssh.

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