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Pixelbook Go

Clay L.

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I was attempting to install Synergy on a Win 10 machine (server) and a Pixelbook Go Laptop using the linux VM.  I didn't realize until after that it wasn't supported, so I started looking on the board here for any info that might help.  It doesn't look like there has been a discussion on this in a few years and a lot has changed with the addition of the linux VM.  Has there been any work on this? I notice the clipboard works between the machines, and I can see that it identifies when the pointer enters and leaves the screen on the pixelbook.  But the keyboard doesn't work and the mouse pointer doesn't move.  Hoping someone has had more success or maybe someone from symless could chime in.



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Daniel Evenson

Hi Clay,

I believe the Pixelbook Go uses ChromeOS natively, unfortunately this operating system is not supported. However, as you are using a Linux VM that does make it a bit more interesting, especially as it seems to partially work (ie. clipboard, but not keyboard/mouse).

What version of Linux are you using in the VM, and can you share a copy of the log? There may be some clues on how to make it work.

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I don't have access to my pixelbook right now, I should in a couple of weeks! Once I do I will get you the logs.  

ChromeOS uses Debian 11 in a container, it allows you to run Linux apps along side android apps and the Chrome Web browser. It's actually pretty slick and gives a lot of flexibility.

I don't know for sure, but am assuming the issue is chromeos not allowing an app from the container to control the mouse & keyboard.

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