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Synergy and Universal Control on Mac

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same issue here using 1.14.5 on macos 12 using a windows PC as the server and the mac as a client. I cannot move my mouse to my ipad when using synergy but I can move it to my ipad using a mouse that is directly connected 

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I haven't tried anything out since making this post. I run beta versions of everything macOS or iOS. So I'm always on the latest versions of OSes. I'll have to give it a try again when I'm working from home again, on Friday. I highly doubt anything has changed. I'm also using latest version of Alpha versions of synergy.

I'll post an update later this week.

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anyone have any tips for getting the pc to connect to the mac as a server? it keeps timing out when I try to connect the PC synergy client to mac synergy server. firewall is turned off on the mac but not on pc. if that matters.

starting to think this wont work when I do get them connected because there are two "pointers", one belongs to synergy and one to the OS. will still update when I figure it out. 

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