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Clipboard sharing


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Clipboard sharing is sometimes causing both the server and client to stall (showing a dialog on the server that the clipboard is being updated). Hence, I disabled this feature. However, upon each start (so after rebooting the server computer) the clipboard is enabled again. Probably a bug?

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Hello Border,

Thank you for your post.

Are you using the latest version (version 1.14.2) of Synergy on all your devices? 

Feel free to reach us at any time should you have any further questions and have a great day!

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So I have the same issue...Latest version of Synergy 1.14.3 on MacOS 12.3.1....Copy a large file on 'client' all input on server stops while it 'updates the clipboard' I have clipboard sharing unchecked in the server prefs but does not matter does this each and every time

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