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support for multiple monitors?

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I have multiple monitors on my server. My monitor layout looks like this, where "A" is my server, and "B" and "C" are my clients:

     [B1] [C1]
[A1] [A2] [A3]

How can I configure Synergy so that my mouse can move upward from A2 into B1? Right now, I have to go all the way left to A1, then up into B1.

I remember asking about this years ago, and was told the feature was coming. I'm running 1.14-2, and I still can't make it work.

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Hello Mike, 

Thanks for reaching out. 

We may be able to rectify what's happening if you can send us your config file. 

Please send us your config file, by opening Synergy >> click on File >> 'Save configuration as' >> name the file and then have it attached here. 

We'll await your email. Thanks. 


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