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Bug: Cannot access the bottom of monitors


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Maybe my set up is unusual, I am on linux specifically Kubuntu on the client:

With my windows synergy host below that.

Almost, if not every time, I launch the computers when I move my mouse up to go onto the client, it jumps past the bottom of the two side monitors, to the height of the bottom of the middle monitor.  If I move below that height it jumps back to the host machine, leaving basically the bottom of the side monitors inaccessible.

I can eventually get it to work with some combination of restarting all the instances of synergy across both machines and sometimes additionally going into the host's config and moving where the client is.

Today I got it to fix itself by just quitting and relaunching the client instance of synergy that originally launched on startup.

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Francisco M

Hi Arkratos, thanks for reaching out.

Multi-monitor support is definitely an area that we plan to improve in the next major version of Synergy (Synergy 3).
In the meantime, let's try to make your life as easy as possible.

When you edit the config, are you using the Config override functionality?
You can find it on the Synergy host, under Configure server > Advanced config.

If you're directly editing the existing config file, that could be the reason why it doesn't remember the changes when you restart Synergy or the computers.




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