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WARNING: error writing to client

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Hi folks. I currently have the synergy server running on a windows 11 PC, using a Logitech Pro Wireless mouse, and Pro keyboard. 1 macOS 12 client connected, both machines have a wired connection on the same subnet. 

For the most part, synergy is working great to share the keyboard and mouse across both machines. Occasionally I see a slowdown of the mouse cursor on the client, and even more occasionally I see the character input not keeping up with my typing on the Mac. 

Consistently however, every 10 minutes or so the log will indicate the error message in the title, and the mouse/keyboard jumps back over to the PC. IT resolves itself immediately, and I'm able to move the mouse back over to the Mac - but its annoying, and more than once I've been caught out mid typing. 

Anything suggestions on what might be happening here? 


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Hi there, 

Thanks for reaching out. 

Can you conduct a continuous ping test and check if you are having any high latency or packet loss or dropouts on your network? 



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