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random mouse moves

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I have the following setup with Synergy 1 Pro:
[Windows 11] [MacBook Pro (11.6.1)] [Mac mini (10.15.7)]

The server is installed on the Mac mini.
There are some random mouse moves:

  • when moving the mouse up/down on the MacBook, the mouse also moves up/down on the Mac mini. Although the mouse pointer is only visible and active on the MacBook, this is noticed when e.g. a webpage with links is open on the Mac mini as links are hoovered. 
  • when logging into the Windows 11 desktop, I click on the screen to get the logon view (i.e. to enter the PIN). However at the moment the logon screen appears the mouse is moved back to the Mac mini (server) and thus typing the PIN for Windows 11 is done on the Mac mini.

Other than these quirks, all seems to work fine.

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