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Dual or Triple Boot - can not have 2 computers with the same name message

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Just posting in case others are experiencing similar.

It looks like if one Dual or Triple Boots, as I do between Ubuntu Linux, macOS Big Sur and Windows 10, and one is connecting to other PC's via each of the 3 OS's that one happens to be booted into, then one needs to give each OS/PartitionĀ its own distinctĀ name, otherwise one is likely to get an error message stating something likeĀ can not have 2 computers with the same name

SolutionĀ change computer's name via the Synergy GUI.

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I have the same issue dual-booting my host laptop (Win10/Ubuntu 22.04) and connecting to an Ubuntu client sitting beside it.Ā I use the 'Auto discover' configuration method (which is awesome, btw).

I've renamed the two host partitions andĀ put the three computers (each OS on the host appears as a separate computer)Ā in a row, so I don't have to reposition them each time I switch OSs. But I do still need to open Synergy on the host and click the ellipsis menu to select 'Use this keyboard and Mouse'. It's a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.

Hoping there's a development on this soon. Love the product.


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