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Stuck Cursor - macOS Big Sur with uBar


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Just a quick tip

I was using Synergy with my MacBookPro (server) together with a Windows 10 (client), and was getting frustrated with a stuck cursor, in the middle of the MacBookPro, whenever I moved the cursor over to the Windows PC. However when I switched the server and client around, the problem disappeared.

Problem & Solution 

uBar which is a replacement for the conventional dock moves the original dock to one of the sides of the screen (in a minimised hide & display mode) - if the conventional dock is in-between the two shared screens then the stuck mouse on the MacBookPro may appear.

The Solution is to move the conventional dock, via Preferences, to the other side of the screen. If sharing one's mouse between three pc's, then one would need the Mac at one of the sides, or not have it, if in the centre, as the server.

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In addition to the above, I have just today found that uBar has a Dock-less Mode: On setting, which completely hides the standard dock. Have since experimented with two laptops, one with Ubuntu (Focal Fossa) and the other with MacOS (Big Sur), and the problem of the stuck cursor appears to have disappeared all together, no matter which pc is the server or client.

The setting made be found under uBar's Preferences > Advanced

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