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How can I PREVENT Synergy 1 autostart in Windows

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I don't want to sync my mouse and keyboard at startup, I want to run Synergy maunally.

But seems it installed as a service in Windows. The only thing I can do is set the service to manually. But if I did that if I want to run Synergy I have to go to services.msc->start the synergy service, it is too complex.

Even I pressed "Stop" button in Synergy UI, next time the system boot up the synergy still working automatcailly.

Can I install Synergy without service? The behavior what I expected is, it only works until I double click the synergy icon(maunally run the program, don't autostart.). When I don't want to share my keyboard and mouse, I can just simplely right click the Synergy icon in systemtray and exit it.

In Linux and macOS it behave like that, only run when I click it. But in Windows I can't find a way to do that.

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