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Split Monitor Placement

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So I have both macos and linux (popos specifically) running.

My setup is 3 monitors. 1 large one in the middle on macos, and 2 split on the left and right of my big display.

[L1] [MAC1] [L2]

Like that.

So I decided I wanted to try out mac as my daily driver, but don't really want to move my monitor setup around (note this setup used to be all linux).

Is there a way to tell synergy/symless to go to my linux left monitor when I go left off the mac monitor, but go to my linux right monitor when I go right off the mac monitor?

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Well, I guess that got very little interest here.

Honestly at this point I'm not quite sure what use I have for this software. Every time I go to use it, it just lacks certain features that allow it to fit my needs.

I understand maybe my scenarios are "odd", but I think the need to have a seamless integration of mouse/keyboard between computers is a bit weird in and of itself.

Going from having multiple monitors, to having multiple monitors per OS in a distinct setup, isn't that far of a leap.


Maybe I'll just try to write my own version instead.

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