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Love Synergy! I tried ShareMouse for a while. It has some nice features, particularly "use any keyboard / mouse", but the one thing I do need is to be able to lock my keyboard and mouse to one particular machine at a time via a hotkey. Evidently ShareMouse can accomplish this using the mouse but who uses a mouse when there's this thing called a keyboard???

And speaking of keyboards, one thing that I keep bumping into is the Win+L Hotkey, which will lock my screen under Windows. As far as I can tell, this is the ONLY hotkey that the Windows Synergy Server will NOT pass through to a client.

For example, say I am operating a Mac client and press Win+L. The Windows server will catch it and lock the screen. However, Win+C and Win+V will do copy & paste just fine on the Mac client, as expected.

How can I get Win+L to pass through from a Windows server to a client, like any other hotkey?

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Hi Kimberly, thanks for responding.

The instructions you provided appear to be for older versions of Synergy to lock the cursor to one screen, which is accomplished by default in newer versions by pressing Scroll Lock. This is not what I am after.

I am looking to make Synergy pass through the Win+L hotkey to clients, which is normally caught by Windows itself (not Synergy) to lock the screen itself (not the cursor).

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Another one that gets intercepted is Win+G for XBox.

Yeah, this is very annoying and negatively affects Synergy's usefulness in a pretty big way. Can anything be done?

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