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Not working with Windows 11 + Monterey

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Hello there,

Synergy isn´t working with Windows 11 + Montery.

Server (windows 11) error: failed to get desktop path

Client (Mac Monterey) error: WARNIG: cursor may not be visible

Any sugestions? Would anyone recommend a smiliar program compatible with Monterey?


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  • Synergy Team
Francisco M

Hi @Malaguti,

Our internal tests seem to indicate that everything should be working as expected on Windows 11 and macOS Monterey, even though Synergy is not yet "officially" supported on those Operating Systems.

Would you mind contacting support directly? They might be able to assist you in solving this issue.
There are a few different options, as detailed here: https://forums.symless.com/topic/6227-read-first-need-help-with-synergy/ 




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Synergy is not working also for me using macOS Monterrey as server and Windows 11 as client. 

When I restart the windows machine it works for about 1 second and then synergy closes. When I reopen it it just says "failed to connect to server: Timed out"

using version 1.14.1-stable in both computers

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I have the same setup, Windows 11 as server and Mac with monterry OS as client, it's works fine, but sometime in my Mac, it loses connection randomly, this doesn't happened with previous version of OS system for both platforms

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