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Connection Timed Out - only happening on Mac Server

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Hi, everyone :)

When I try to use my Windows PC as a server and my Mac (freshly installed OS) as a client, Synergy works normally.

However, when I try to use the Mac as the Server and the same Windows PC as a the Client (obviously, also in the same network), I get the error "failed to connect to server: Timed out".

I do not even get anything on the log of the Mac as I try to connect the Windows PC to it.

Mac is MBP 16" 2019, running the latest OS and updates.
Windows PC is Windows 10 running all the latest updates.
Synergy version 1.14.1-stable on both machines.

All Firewalls+AV are off in both machines.


Anyone here knows how to fix it?

Cheers! ;)

Windows Synergy Client.png

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Have the same issue but managed to fix it this morning.

I uninstalled Windows Update KB5006670 - it was the only change made on my Windows box between Synergy working fine and timing out. Restarted and it works again.

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UPDATE: After doing a clean install of MacOS I noticed that, for some reason, right after I reinstalled my VPN client, I was unable to ping my Mac from my PC even when the VPN was off. Uninstalling the VPN fixed the issue, reinstalling it brought it back... (for testing purposes)

Hence, the problem is not with Symless after all, but with Check Point Endpoint Security VPN...


Anyways, thanks for the tip, Dave! ;)

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