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Better Support for ultra wide monitors with two computer inputs

Chris Findon

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Chris Findon


I have an Ultrawide Monitor with two computers input to it, sometimes I use it with Picture By Picture which allows me to see both computers side by side, and in this configuration, my keyboard and mouse works well between the two.
I have the ability to change the source to just one of the computer inputs to use the whole ultrawide, when the client computer is selected the mouse has difficulty sensing the monitor boundary, essentially I only have a small area of the displayed screen to move within which makes this scenario unuseable.
I suspect my scenario is not unique with so many ultrawide monitors on the market with multi inputs, work notebook and home desktop for example, the need/want to use one keyboard/mouse for both computers must be a valid one.
Do you have any plans to improve the support for these scenarios?
Perhaps if auto-detection fails having a way to inform synergy of the boundaries could help resolve this current limitation.
Anyway, I am happy with what Synergy with what it currently can do unfortunately though in my case not perfect.


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