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Hi Symless,

Clever product but a long way to go to make this a seamless product (yes, intended pun) :

  1. Provide an option to auto-start when booting the server and client.
  2. Use auto-config as the default option
  3. When an incoming client request is received by a server, put the name of the client in window of "denied" clients (the log indicates which clients are being denied)
  4. Allow user to drag "denied" client into the "permitted" window. Your software is case-sensitive which means the user manually putting in the client name can cause numerous issues.
  5. On MacOS, provide an option to prevent the Synergy software going to "sleep". Your software stops working if the MacOS goes idle.
  6. Move the log out of the main settings window into a separate log window. Good UI only provides logs when debugging, but assumes the software is working as intended initially.
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^^^ All of this

Just bought the product and I'm a bit shocked all the above isn't standard.

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