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Need to re enter serial every time I launch reboot

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Older iMac OSX Catalina (10.15)

Entered serial. Everything works.

When I reboot and relaunch Synergy it prompts me to re enter my serial. Have been using Synergy for over 10 years and never experienced this. Anyone have a solution?

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Hello @eco_bach I am here to help you. 

Please follow instructions below:

1. Open and Activate Synergy.

2. Go to Top Left corner of your screen and click on Synergy Tab.

3. Click on Quit and Save to User. 

This should fix the issue. 

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I am also running into this issue with synergy_1.13.0-stable.bdb8f767 only on Debian Linux.   Is there a similar fix to the mac fix?


Many thanks!

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