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Intermittent Disconnects

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Hey guys, just wondering if ya'll had any ideas about this.

I've been running synergy for a while no problem im on windows 10 server and a 10.15.7 Mac Os Catalina as the client. I recently just upgraded to the 1.13 version (i was on 1.11 with same issues). For some random reasons whatsoever, it started to do this thing where the client would intermittently disconnect from the server every once in a while with the error showing

[2021-01-20T09:08:50] WARNING: failed to connect to server: server is not responding

This would cause my mouse and keyboard to freeze for 3-5 seconds before responding again. For some reason after maybe 10-15 min of this, everything works smoothly again. Once again i have no idea why this is happening because it never happened before on these versions. I have seen some intermittent ping spikes on the server side when this is happening.

Anyways, any suggestions are welcome!


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