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Pop!_OS 20.10 Synergy Fails to Autostart Before Login

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I recently purchased Synergy.  The server (v. 1.13.0) runs on a Mac (Big Sur).  The client (also v.1.13.0) runs Pop_OS! 20.10 (based on Ubuntu 20.10) with the Gnome desktop environment.  The client has no dedicated mouse/keyboard so Synergy needs to run at the login screen (i.e., before login).  If I run Synergy after login (either starting manually or via the PopOS start-up manager), Synergy works as expected.  The only problem is getting synergy to start before login.

I tried the autostart configuration recommended by Symless for GDM (with the necessary changes of folder `gdm3` instead of `gdm`).  I even tried adding the command `/usr/bin/synergyc <HOST IP ADDRESS>` in `\etc\rc.local`.  That too did not work.

Client System Information

  • OS: Pop!_OS
  • Version 20.10
  • ID_LIKE: ubuntu debian
  • Kernel: Linux 5.8.0-7630-generic

On the login screen, I see that the Pop!_OS client is connected to my network so I do not believe it is a network issue.

Any advice on how to make Synergy start-up before login or how to better debug the issue?  I have tried everything I can think of.

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FWIW, I am starting Synergy mostly from the command line. If I open the Synergy 1 app, it always asks me to reconfigure (even without a restart). No idea why that is. Not sure if it is even related as I start the client from the command line without issue.

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