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Pop!_OS 20.10 Synergy Fails to Autostart Before Login

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I recently purchased Synergy.  The server (v. 1.13.0) runs on a Mac (Big Sur).  The client (also v.1.13.0) runs Pop_OS! 20.10 (based on Ubuntu 20.10) with the Gnome desktop environment.  The client has no dedicated mouse/keyboard so Synergy needs to run at the login screen (i.e., before login).  If I run Synergy after login (either starting manually or via the PopOS start-up manager), Synergy works as expected.  The only problem is getting synergy to start before login.

I tried the autostart configuration recommended by Symless for GDM (with the necessary changes of folder `gdm3` instead of `gdm`).  I even tried adding the command `/usr/bin/synergyc <HOST IP ADDRESS>` in `\etc\rc.local`.  That too did not work.

Client System Information

  • OS: Pop!_OS
  • Version 20.10
  • ID_LIKE: ubuntu debian
  • Kernel: Linux 5.8.0-7630-generic

On the login screen, I see that the Pop!_OS client is connected to my network so I do not believe it is a network issue.

Any advice on how to make Synergy start-up before login or how to better debug the issue?  I have tried everything I can think of.

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FWIW, I am starting Synergy mostly from the command line. If I open the Synergy 1 app, it always asks me to reconfigure (even without a restart). No idea why that is. Not sure if it is even related as I start the client from the command line without issue.

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Steve Conley


did you ever resolve this?

I have tried as you said (with GDM3 change), I tried systemd synergy.service (can't find display and my tries at environment did not work).

At least the service one seems to attempt it as it says it cannot find display in the systemctl status


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