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Problem in connecting windows 7 pc with ubuntu 14.04 one

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Mohsen Soua
Hi! I'm a new user of Synergy. I bought it in order to share the same set of keyboard/mouse between two pcs, a Vaio All-in-One running Windows 7 as a server (the kb/mouse set is a wireless/bluetooth one that came with the pc and seems to be specifically paired with it) and a Shuttle nano-pc runnning Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as a client. Up till now I haven't had any success. Application installed on both computers (both on the same wifi network) and they seem to see each other according to the respective logs of Synergy. However, no connection is established and I keep getting the following message: "Warning: unrecognized client name 'bubuntu1404'; check server config; disconnecting client ubuntu; client ubutnu disconnected". Any help?
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In the server config, have you added the client with the name [b]bubuntu1404 [/b]to the layout? Assuming the windows PC is the server, Open Synergy -> Configure Server then drag and drop a monitor from the upper right and drop it into a box next to the server. Double click the new monitor and put in the name [b]bubuntu1404[/b] Let us know if that works!
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