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How can I set up Synergy in a multi-monitor setup where the second computer shares a monitor?

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I have 3 monitors arranged horizontally. All three are connected to my workstation. The middle monitor is also connected to another PC.

I would like to configure Synergy so when the middle monitor's input is switched to the second PC, I can move my cursor through the left and right edges into the left/right monitors of my workstation.

I simpler terms, basically I want to be able to seamlessly move my cursor across all three monitors when the 1st and 3rd monitors are connected to PC1 and the 2nd is connected to PC2.

Is this possible in Synergy?

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Current version of synergy treats your virtual desktop as a single workspace. This is not possible and as far as I know there is no software that could do it.

It is doable but you'd have to modify the synergy code. If you've got some coding background you could lookup SynergyCore on github and try to make it yourself. I'd however suggest using it's fork Barrier as a standpoint as it gives you encryption which is a paid premium feature in Synergy.

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