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Couple of newbie questions


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New user here, enjoying the product a lot! I have a couple of questions/suggestions. I am running synergy between my windows 10 PC (server) and OSX Catalina Macbook (client)

1) I'm experiencing a "delay" when my mouse moves from one display to the other. It seems like there is an extra .5-1 second of display to travel through before my mouse shows up on the other side. While this is far from unusable, it is definitely a little disconcerting and makes the whole experience seem much less seamless.

2) It seems that synergy starts on startup for me, but I have no way of accessing the running instance. (It does not appear in the taskbar). If I open the "Synergy" application, it asks me to resetup/revalidate my license, which seems to then create a second instance. This is pretty annoying, how can I avoid this?

2) I wish there was more granularity in changing the mapping of the modifier keys. For example, be able to specify "left/right ctrl" instead of just ctrl, or just the ability to map any key to any key. My use case is that I use the HHKB keyboard , where the caps lock button on most keyboards is a ctrl key. I modified my pc to do the same, so that my super key also maps to a ctrl key. I want to be able to change the original super key (now a right ctrl) back to a super key in OSX, but lack the ability to do so without also changing both my ctrl keys, leaving me with no ctrl key in OSX. Very specific use case, I understand :)

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