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System short freeze

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I have been experiencing an issue (for almost a year) that seeming randomly the system that is the primary for Synergy will freeze for 5 - 10 seconds when I am working on a secondary system.  It never freezes when I am working on the primary system.  This is very problematic as when the freeze occurs the mouse returns to the center of the primary systems screen 1.  If I am in the middle of editing a spreadsheet on system 2 randomly system 1 will freeze and the mouse moves back to system 1.  This is annoying and makes it hard to work on the other systems as I am constantly having to pull the mouse back to system 2 after system 1 returns to normal operation.

This only happens when Synergy is running.

System 1 - Windows 7 Ultimate, Synergy 2.012 beta

System 2 - Windows 10 Pro, Synergy 2.012 beta

I have reviewed the system logs and find no indication of why this is happening.  The system just stops for 5 - 10 seconds and then starts going again.

Thank you,





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