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Grey Synergy Icon on Mac?


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My Synergy was working fine between my PC (server) and my Mac and then I just moved to university and decided to upgrade to Synergy Pro for the added security. At first, I thought I had to install a new Synergy for Pro instead of going to activate it in the drop down menu. I deleted Synergy from my Mac (There may have been some config files still lingering around) and installed another copy of Synergy. I did not do the reinstall for Synergy on my PC because I found out how to activate Synergy Pro before attempting. After the upgrade to Pro however, Synergy will not work at all with or without TLS encryption. The Synergy symbol at the top of the screen on my Mac is grey and has an X in the middle. Both the PC and the Mac appear to be recognizing each other in auto config. Does anyone have any ideas on a solution??

The error I am receiving:

WARNING: failed to connect to server: unknown error for: Chris_PC:24800



Chris Carson

P.S. Synergy was working fine in my university dorm before I upgraded to Pro. I have my own subnetwork in my room and the university's network should not be interfering with anything.

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