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Difficulty setting up multiple displays of varying sizes & orientation


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I've recently purchased Synergy and am blown away by how awesome this tech is. Being able to integrate my two systems into a singular array of displays while using the same keyboard and mouse has been awesome.

I have, however, been having some difficulty in terms of getting my mouse to interact with the system screens correctly. Below are a bunch of relevant screen shots to explain my issue.


Ref s0.jpg - Red = Windows (Host) & Yellow = Mac (Client)


My main issue is getting my mouse to move from Red (Windows) 1 to Yellow (Mac) 2. Ideally, I'd just be able to move the mouse across the left edge of Red 1 to crossover into Yellow 2, however, there's a barrier there and instead I need to travel my mouse up to Red 2 (from Red 1), then all the way across the left edge which brings the cursor in from the right edge of Yellow 2.

Basically, I want to swap the interacting edges from Red 2's left edge to Red 1's so my mouse enters the (same) Yellow 2 display from Red 1.


I've tried tinkering with the dead corners as per some research, but that didn't do nearly what I thought, not to mention it makes it hard when everyone's setup is entirely different. So, if anyone would be able to help me with this specific issue, I'd be very grateful! 

I've also attached my Display orientation / setup in windows along with some settings in Synergy if it helps.


Thank you in advance!







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Since I can't seem to edit my initial post - here's a reply with a more finite goal from the described issues above:

I would like to have my Mac's secondary display (Yellow 2) recognized in synergy as where it is physically on the widescreen.

I would then have the ability to move my mouse from Yellow 2 up to Red 2 or over (right) to Red 1

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Hello @Klh In this case, my suggestion is to use the link in my signature and place ticket for us. Once ticket is placed, we will contact with the Dev Team in order to see what we can do here via manual configuration.

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