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Mouse gets stuck on "walls" on client


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I have an Ubuntu laptop acting as a server and a MAC Book Pro as a client.

The Ubuntu system has two (2) external monitors attached.

The MAC system has one (1) external monitor attached.

With both of the external monitors connected to the Ubuntu laptop, when I move to the MAC, everything works fine, until I try to travel to the left on the MAC.

When I move to the left, the mouse starts running into "walls" like it is hitting the edge of the screen. In order to get past these "walls", I have to move the mouse very quickly. Occasionally, I have to stop the agent on the client to get my cursor back to the server.

On the Ubuntu system, if I unplug monitor number three (3), the problem goes away.

On the Ubuntu system, if I move monitor number three (3) above monitor number two (2), the problem goes away, after hitting [Apply] button in the the Synergy UI.

On the MAC system, no changes appeared to correct the problem.

Ubuntu config:
     OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
     Synergy v.1.12.0-stable-cb8064e8
     Synergy Settings:
     Server Configuration:
     Screen Layout:
     Screen Dimensions:
          1: 1920x1080
          2: 1920x1080
          3: 1920x1080

MAC config:
     OS: macOS Mojave v.10.14.6
     Synergy v.1.12.0-stable-cb8064e8
     Synergy Settings:
     Screen Layout:
     Screen Dimensions:
          1: 1920x1080
          2: 1920x1080

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