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Help! Need a manual config to get this working please...

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I have the following screen layout:


This is quad screen on Windows 10 (GrimbleMaster), where 1, 3 and 4 are HD 22" LCD screens and 2 is 2k 32" screen.

I have a laptop (4k screen, GrimblePeregrine) that is mounted in the centre immediately above screen 1 as per the photograph.

If I try to map a portion of the top of the quad displays (e.g. 70,90) to the bottom (e.g. 0,100) of the laptop it does not work - e.g. I cannot transition from screen 1 to the laptop. 

I currently have the following setup:

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        right(50,100) = GrimblePeregrine(0,100)
        left(0,100) = GrimbleMaster(50,100)

This is less than ideal as it relies on me moving the mouse off the right of Screen 1 to get to the laptop, and off the left of the laptop to get back.

Can anyone suggest how I can get this to transition between the top of screen 1 and bottom of laptop please?

Thanks for any suggestions.



p.s. I raised this first in this thread: 

However I have since changed config and have a similar porblem persisting. 





screen setup.png

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Sorry to bump an old thread but seeing as how this remained unanswered and having come across this page from a different search and finding it near the top, I thought I'd offer a suggestion in case it may help someone not running the latest version of Synergy.'

~TLDR~ If I'm not mistaken, you just need to change "right"/"left" to "down"/"up" as noted in the example at the bottom of my post.

I've experienced a similar issue and shared your frustration. As you already know (based on how you were trying to map only portions of the monitor for the transition and thus only mention this for anyone else who may not be aware and are coming across this with a similar issue), Synergy server configuration treats the entire PC as one screen and is unaware of multiple monitors with their independent edges but refers to their combined resolutions to map the edges or screen transition locations. 

I believe the settings below should work with mapping but if you do it without (and for others to refer to) then you'll most likely be able to move up from screen 1 into the laptop without issue (as well as up from monitor 3 and 2) but when you go down from the laptop, let's say from the center portion of your laptop screen, it will come in at screen 2 and not 1, unless exiting from the bottom right of your laptop (whereas for others unfamiliar, this doesn't apply when mapping is used):

# With no mapping (for changing direction of transition)
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        down = GrimbleMaster
        up = GrimblePeregrine

# With mapping to enter and exit only from Screen 1 of GrimbleMaster
# Assumes 1, 3, 4 "HD" resolution refers to a resolution of 1280x720 and the laptop set to 4k resolution
# Since the width of the laptop's screen is smaller than the width of the laptop and you previously gave 
# the example of (70,90) to what I presume is to account for the space on the right of the laptop screen 
# and based on the photo, I attempted to guess the exact cutoff* but probably failed since I assume you'll 
# adjust it anyway ;P
section: links
        down(0,100) = GrimbleMaster(75,97)
        up(75,97) = GrimblePeregrine(0,100)

*The (75,97) mapping equates to a resolution width of approx. 154 pixels off the top right edge of monitor 1

Note: Since you mentioned being mounted above Screen 1 and not screen 2 and some people may use "HD" interchangeably between 720p or 1080p resolution (even though it's usually referred to by FHD for the latter), I had imagined your total resolution width for GrimbleMaster as the following when determining the mapping included for reference:

  • GrimbleMaster Total Resolution¬†Width: 1280 + 2560 + 1280 = 5120 (Monitor 3 + Monitor 2 + Monitor 1)
    • Whereas screen 1, 3, and 4's resolution was assumed as being set to 1280x720
    • and Screen 2's resolution was assumed as 2560x1440
      (as opposed to 2k's sometimes referred to video aspect ratio of 1:1.77 having a resolution of 2048x1080) 


  • Laptop¬†GrimblePeregrine Resolution assumed as (4k): 3840x2160


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