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Help! Need a manual config to get this working please...

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I have the following screen layout:


This is quad screen on Windows 10 (GrimbleMaster), where 1, 3 and 4 are HD 22" LCD screens and 2 is 2k 32" screen.

I have a laptop (4k screen, GrimblePeregrine) that is mounted in the centre immediately above screen 1 as per the photograph.

If I try to map a portion of the top of the quad displays (e.g. 70,90) to the bottom (e.g. 0,100) of the laptop it does not work - e.g. I cannot transition from screen 1 to the laptop. 

I currently have the following setup:

section: links
        right(50,100) = GrimblePeregrine(0,100)
        left(0,100) = GrimbleMaster(50,100)

This is less than ideal as it relies on me moving the mouse off the right of Screen 1 to get to the laptop, and off the left of the laptop to get back.

Can anyone suggest how I can get this to transition between the top of screen 1 and bottom of laptop please?

Thanks for any suggestions.



p.s. I raised this first in this thread: 

However I have since changed config and have a similar porblem persisting. 





screen setup.png

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