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Slave disconnecting after VPN

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I use Synergy 2 beta on my Windows desktop (master) to control my Windows work laptop (slave) and it has always been working fine with VPN until they issued me a new certificate for the VPN (new process to obtain so not just a renewal).  I am required to choose a certificate just before connecting to the VPN (Cisco AnyConnect).  Now as soon as it establishes connection, Synergy disconnects.

I compared the certificate details and 2 things appear different:
NEW cert:
Key Usage: Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation (c0)
OLD cert: 
Enhanced Key Usage: Client Authentication (
NEW cert:
[1]Application Certificate Policy:
     Policy Identifier=Client Authentication
[2]Application Certificate Policy:
     Policy Identifier=Server Authentication
OLD cert:
[1]Application Certificate Policy:
     Policy Identifier=Client Authentication

Other details are the same such as:
(both) Signature algorithm: sha256RSA
(both) Signature hash algorithm: sha256
(both) Public Key: RSA (2048 Bits)
(both) Thumbprint algorithm: sha1
Is there anything that can be done about this?  The old certificates are expired so I need to switch over to the new certificate which Synergy disconnects with.  If I disconnect the VPN, the slave can once again be detected.  The old certificate didn't have any of these issues.  FYI this is also happening the same exact way with Input Director.
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