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Not working


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can some body please be able to help me out i cannot get synergy pro working 

Error message:

ERROR: could not get session id for process id 7836

[2020-08-03T11:37:34] INFO: starting new process

[2020-08-03T11:37:34] INFO: drag and drop enabled

[2020-08-03T11:37:34] FATAL: unknown screen name `DESKTOP-B7TFEQP'

[2020-08-03T11:37:35] ERROR: failed to launch, error: process immediately stopped

[2020-08-03T11:37:35] INFO: backing off, wait=6s, failures=3

[2020-08-03T11:37:40] INFO: service command updated


i cannot get it working from the main PC or for client to connect


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Daniel Alarcon

@montybhai The problem seems to be that your Synergy / Settings "screen name" doesn't match the server screen name in Synergy / Configure Server window. Please rename both, then Stop and Quit Synergy and open it again. Make sure to put the exact name. 

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