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PC Freezes When Using Keyboard After Break


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Hey there, I have a dual PC setup which I use to stream on Twitch, and Synergy is super useful for my use case. 

It works great but the one problem I have is that pressing a button on my keyboard after a long time without typing (which happens often as I game with a controller) can temporarily freeze my system. This happens even when the game isn't running, so the game I'm playing isn't at fault.

Everything dies for 5-10 seconds, then returns to normal. Sometimes the keys that I've typed appear after the PC unfreezes, sometimes they don't. 

I've recently upgraded my processor, RAM etc and thus reinstalled Windows, and this problem happened before and since the reinstallation. So the only culprit I can think of is Synergy! 

Any help much appreciated, cheers. 

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Daniel Alarcon

@coolcole93 Have you stop/disabled Synergy to make sure Synergy is the culprit, have you checked memory usage by Synergy during this period of time?

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I'll go without Synergy today to see if it happens. Sadly it's tough to nail it down as the problem happens relatively rarely. If I can go through today without the problem happening then I'll turn it back on and try and get this memory usage. The whole PC freezes when this happens though, how would I go about getting its usage retroactively? 

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