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Windows RDP (MSTSC) captures keyboard even when mouse moved to another screen

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I am having an issue where RDP running in foreground on the Synergy server machine captures the keystrokes even when the mouse has moved to another screen. This has caused a few embarrassing mistakes where I thought I was typing or deleting something from the computer where the mouse was located and instead deleted something from the remote server.

I am using Synergy version 1.11.0-stable-b2173efb

To reproduce this issue: On the host machine launch RDP (MSTSC.exe) and connect to a remote server. Move the mouse to another screen and start typing, the keystrokes will not be received by the Synergy client machine but instead will be captured by the RDP connected machine.

I have this issue on multiple machines and have searched the forums to no avail. If there is an active thread or guidance for this issue, please point me to it.

Many thanks,

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Having the same issue. If RDP and Synergy are running, Curse disappears and have to force restart OR shutdown the 2nd machine running synergy and regain mouse control.

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