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Copy/Paste and lags (Between Mac And Windows)

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Henri Vignaux
Hi, I'm using a windows 8.1 laptop as server and an iMac (Late 2011 - OS X 10.10) as a clietn. But I can't use ctrl+v on client side ... Or ctrl+c. Did I miss something ? Futhermore : I have a lot of mouse lags. I'm on Wi-Fi (The same of course). I don't have thoses lags with other sharing mouse/keyboard software.
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For lag: if the GUI is visible on the (windows) server, try closing it. If the GUI is open on the mac, please try quitting the GUI completely and run synergy on the command line. (In the logging there is a command you can copy and paste to run on a terminal.) For copy and paste: The Mac doesn't use control for copy and paste, it uses the command key which is mapped to the windows key by default. It takes a little getting used to. Linux is control, however, copy-paste buffers are more complicated leading to some funny behavior. Usually you just get an older copy buffer. Let us know if that helps!
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