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Mouse and keyboard input channel stolen by hacker, Ubuntu 18.04

Carey Mann

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Using Firefox browser on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux, I saw mouse cursor moving purposefully around screen, changing the size of app windows and so on.  It was clearly somebody who could see my screen and control the mouse.  I'm running v1 since v2 was too buggy.  I have a 46-device LAN including 4 Synergy PCs, all 4 Windows but 2 dual boot Ubuntu 18.04, iMac, iPad, iPhone, and Android phone; security cameras, etc., you name it.  I had previously seen other bad behavior but never enough to prove a hack: this does.  a) Has anyone else seen this?  b) Are there software controls, in my computers or my cable modem or ISP, to combat it?  c) Should I buy hardware like Trend Micro Home Network Security, Untangle or pfSense/Netgate, or other?

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Hello @Carey Mann Synergy 1 do not use or need any internet connection and we cant connect to your computer from our side.

So, I am sure that the problem is not from the Synergy side.

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