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Synergy and voice comm


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I use synergy for virtual Air Traffic Control - I have my ATC tools on three different screens connected to 2 laptops. I've noticed that once synergy is setup and running, my voice connection with virtual pilots (via dedicated voice comm software called Voice for VATSIM) starts to be broken. Outcomming voice is more affected than incoming, sometimes I'm simply unreadable. Reliable and clear voice is essential in this activity, so this problem raises doubts if Synergy is usable for that puropse.

Both laptops communicate via WLAN (I can not set up a cable connection since the newer one has no LAN port). Voice comm is via LTE router and also WLAN. My WLAN is fast and reliable, so I suppose there is some sort of "conflict" between sent voice packets and Synergy packets. The older laptops is Win7, the newer Win10. I use standard Windows firewalls.

Is there any way to "separate" voice comm and Synergy data by router and/or firewall settings  (static routing, port forwarding ect - I'm not porfficient in advanced network settings)?

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