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Separate LAN for Synergy (Win10 to Ubuntu20)

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Hey guys,

I'm have no experience with networking setup and I'm looking for someone willing to help me with this one.

This is my work setup:
I have a Windows laptop and Ubuntu PC.
Windows laptop is meant to be serber, Ubuntu is client.

Ubuntu machine is connected to a network via ethernet and Windows is on WiFi, i.e. they are on separate networks.

What I want to do is to connect the two machines via an ethernet cable dedicated to Synergy software, i.e. only Synergy has to be allowed to use the connection.

The desired outcome is that I'm able to grab my Windows laptop, i.e. unplug from docking station, grab my mouse and go on a meeting while being connected to Wi-Fi all the time. Ubuntu would then lose connection to Synergy server but it should reconnect once I plug the Windows machine back in to the docking station.

Do you guys know about some tutorial or something like that so I can make it work? I have 0 experience with networking on either Windows or Linux...

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