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Stream Deck and Synergy?

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Anyone have any luck getting Stream Deck to follow their Synergy mouse?  This is a popular product that can control software, opening and selecting things inside applications in Windows. 

Ideal concept would be the stream deck controls the computer and responds to the Stream Deck programming of the computer, in which the mouse is locating it at the time, or perhaps has a button to select which computer it is in at any time.

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Hi, Did you have any luck? 

My first attempt at this didn't work...

  • i.e. Host is OSX, Client is Windows.
  • Programmed "windows mute" keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+M)
  • Moved mouse to windows and clicked on running application
  • Pushed Mute on streamdeck
  • Nothing happened

... any other synergy & stream deck users out there? Any tips or tricks?

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