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Can't disable the clipboard


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On Win10/64 I'm using synergy 1 Pro v1.11.1 Stable.  I want to disable the clipboard, and there's a checkbox for that, I know.  It works, until I reboot or restart the Synergy+ app at which point the checkbox is checked again.

Secondly, about 3 times a day my client just stops talking to the server.  They're both Win10/64, same Synergy 1 version.  Network connections are set to Private.  Both are on 100gb ethernet on the same switch.  After a couple of retries the connection comes back.  the logs show the connection was lost then reestablished.  So I know it's not firewalls, name resolution etc. I'm puzzled.  I know the IPs are correct.  I'm stumped as to what could make this issue intermittent.   Anyway any ideas with either issue would be great.


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