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Keyboard focus problems (all Mac setup)


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I have an issue with my system (Synergy 1.11.1 for MacOS, 2 Macs running Catalina 10.15.4). I have 2 MacBook Pros, 1 home, 1 office. There are 2 external monitors, both attached to the office MBP.

I have my personal MBP as the server. This makes things easier for switching to home (I switch the monitor connections to the home computer & I'm ready to go).

The setup mostly works ok, but I do have one annoying and time-wasting issue: frequently, when I click into CLion or IntelliJ (Java-based apps, if that matters), some keyboard functions follow the focus & others do not. I can select text & do keyboard shortcuts, but regular text input does not work. The text insertion cursor in the code editor doesn't even appear.

If I minimize & the restore the window, normal keyboard input works again.

I'd appreciate a fix to this, as it costs me a lot of time & frustration.



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Hello @drbill

Hm. This is interesting.

Can you please use the link in my signature and place a ticket for us? I think we need to talk with the dev team regarding your issue.

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