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Mouse OK, but Keyboard not working on Client


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Hello Synergy Team,

I have a strange error. My setup:

Win 10
Using TLSv1.2

Mac 10.15.4
Using TLSv1.2

I used to have 2 Keyboard Input layouts on my Client (Mac), Japanese and Spanish. Strangely, the wrong one would be used (Spanish characters would display when Japanese selected, Japanese characters when Spanish selected). I tried deleting Spanish so only Japanese is left, and now I get NOTHING. No characters display when I type, Client is totally unresponsive to keyboard.

Mouse is working perfectly though.

I get "WARNING: cursor may not be visible" on each client screen Enter event, not sure if it is related.

Tried Fresh Reinstalling on both Server and Client already; no luck.

Any ideas? Cheers!


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I changed Log Level to DEBUG, and now I see this message every time I try typing on the Client (and nothing shows up):

DEBUG: can't get the active group, use the first group instead

How do I fix this "group" thing? Since I deleted Spanish keyboard layout, "first group" might be null or something..

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